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I like riding bikes. Any type of riding. Racing is awesome, multiple hours long rides are awesome, riding with the kids to school is awesome, fat bikes are awesome, mountain bikes are awesome, cross bikes are awesome, gravel bikes are awesome, townies are awesome, road bikes are ok. Point is – bikes are just as fun now as they were…

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blew it

Well I blew it on my 365 days project. Mary and I were in North Carolina this past weekend and we traveled home on Monday. Travel days are always kind of hectic, and Monday was no different. In the rush to wrap up our time in NC, drive to the airport, turn in a rental car, catch flights etc, I…

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i don’t know about you all, but sometimes ~24 hours ‘away’ results in a recharge like you wouldn’t believe. Buff Creek, bikes, camping, friends, food…RECHARGED! Aperture: ƒ/4 Camera: DSC-RX1 Taken: 28 June, 2014 Focal length: 35mm ISO: 100 Shutter speed: 1/3200s

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